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Welcome to the future of Yoga!

content1TN.jpgAs approaches to health continue to evolve, Yoga will be a primary vehicle for the wellness programs of the future because of its ability to promote health and healing at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels simultaneously. Yoga is already being accepted into mainstream wellness approaches at hospitals, businesses, schools and universities, summer camps for children, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and a variety of other settings. Offering one-on-one Yoga sessions also offers a variety of career opportunities. Come join us in expanding our vision into the world.

Yoga is taking on a wider role in modern life; an expansion beyond the Yoga classroom into all areas of our community as a vehicle for wellness, healing and personal transformation. Integrative Yoga Therapy is a pioneer and leader for over 25 years in training Yoga professionals who can bring the ancient insights of Yoga into mainstream wellness programs. Our programs are based on a vision of health as a unity of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a vehicle for deepening this experience of Unity and bringing it into the world as a resource for personal growth, healing and awakening. Over 3,000 students have developed personally and professionally through the IYT training programs. IYT students have brought Yoga based wellness programs into a wide variety of settings, including general wellness, senior wellness, prenatal Yoga and Yoga for specific health challenges such as back pain, heart disease, cancer and auto-immune conditions.

Unique Experiential Approach to Education

14TN.jpgIYT was founded in 1993 by Joseph Le Page, a Yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition and a body-worker whose special focus is energy healing. The design of the IYT program developed out of Joseph's studies of traditional healing arts in over one hundred countries as well as studies in India where he lived for two years, together with his masters degree work in experiential education.

"I wanted to create a training program with the focus on Yoga as a healing art which would be student centered, non-dogmatic and in alignment with the latest approaches to teaching, while remaining deeply rooted in the vast treasury of wisdom within the Yoga tradition."

Integrative Yoga Therapy is a vision that brings together Joseph's insights through world travel, his study of Yoga, experience in healing arts, and a vision of how to bring these together in a comprehensive and creative educational program

16TN.jpgIntegrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) brings together all of the most powerful Yoga tools: asana, pranayama, mudra, Yoga Nidra, mantra, and meditation into a complete package where they can be integrated and utilized for therapeutic classes directed toward specific groups and for one-on-one Yoga therapy sessions. IYT 's experiential approach to learning allows students to integrate in-depth information through a creative process resulting in a unique and comprehensive learning experience. Our intensive training format is ideal for professionals who demand clear, concise information supported by excellent home study materials including our extensive training manual. 


Joseph Le Page

josephTN.jpgJoseph Le Page is the founder and director of Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) and a pioneer in Yoga therapy training programs. IYT, a leader in the Yoga therapy field since 1993, is the result of Joseph’s life experiences, his training as a Kripalu Yoga teacher and his master’s degree work in experiential education, along with his lifelong interest in mind-body health. Joseph is also the founder and director of Enchanted Mountain Yoga Center in Brazil, which is one of the largest Yoga centers in South America; it offers a complete curriculum in all aspects of Yoga with a special focus on Ayurveda and Yoga therapy.

Joseph’s innate desire for wholeness led him to his first Yoga class in 1973, his first meditation retreat in Scotland at the Tibetan Buddhist Samye Ling Tibetan Center in Scotland, and his first trip to India in 1975. He made 4 subsequent journeys to India for indepth study in Yoga, Yoga therapy, and Ayurveda. He is a graduate from the Pheonix Rising Yoga therapist training in 1991. Joseph has taught Yoga psychology at Sonoma State University and at Antioch University.   

Joseph’s main inspiration for IYT was to find an approach to Yoga therapy that was spiritually oriented, but also practical and could be easily integrated into Western wellness modalities. From the very outset IYT has been a forum for the very best Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists to share their knowledge and insights.  Over the years speakers have included Richard Miller, Phd., Frances Vaughan, Phd., Eleanor Criswell, Edd.,Georg Feurstein, Phd., Dr. David Simon, Dr. Emmet Miller, Amit Goswami, Phd., Dr. Uma Krishnamurti, Dr. Usha Sundernam (Swami Dharmakirti), Mukunda Stiles, Gary Kraftsow, Swami Tatvabodhananda of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, and a host of other inspiring speakers that enrich and deepen the IYT approach.

Joseph has been a speaker at major conferences including Yoga Journal, the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the International Association of Yoga and Ayurveda, and has been on the faculty of Kripalu Center since of 1996.  

Joseph teaches Yoga classes in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. He authored the Yoga Teacher’s Toolbox and Mudras for Healing and Transformation.  Joseph currently directs the Healthy Heart program at the Enchanted Mountain Center for individuals with hypertension and heart disease. This program is available both in an 8-week format on weekends and a week-long intensive format.

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Lilian Le Page

lillianTN.jpgLilian Le Page has practiced Yoga for 23 years and has been teaching for 18. She graduated from the four-year teacher training program of Swami Vayuananda in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She also completed the three-year Vedanta study course on the Bhagavad Gita from Vidyamandir, associated with Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. Lilian’s gentle style of teaching focuses on pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation, and deep inner awareness in the Yoga poses.

Since 2003 Lilian has directed and taught a program for depression and anxiety at the Enchanted Mountain Center. This program called “Repainting the Rainbow of Your Life” is offered both in an 8-week format on weekends and also in a week-long intensive format. This program uses the chakras as a model for facilitating opening and transformation through group sharing, art therapy, Yoga postures, mudras, mantra and Yoga Nidra.



IYT Staff

Ellen III_smallthumb.jpgEllen Schaeffer 

e-RYT-500, Integrative Yoga Therapist, Director of 200 Hr. Programs

The teachings of Yoga have informed Ellen's life for more than 30 years, She has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and training teachers in Integrative Yoga Therapy for 8 years. In addition to mulitple trainings and certifications in yoga and yoga therapy, Ellen has an educational and professional foundation in Psychology and Human Development. These skills combined with her yoga therapy education have supported Ellen's yoga therapy practice with people who have pyschological and emotional challenges, including her work on an inpatient psychiatry unit. Ellen founded One Yoga Center in Foster, RI.

What Students Are Saying About IYT Programs

"My knowledge of Yoga therapy has moved from the purely theoretical to the deeply practical.  I feel as if I am overflowing with wonderful tools, and immensely grateful for the opportunity to put these into practice."  
- T.W.

"In every way my knowledge of Yoga therapy has expanded, through all five koshas.  Everyone was uniquely valuable, inspirational, kind, encouraging, supportive, etc.  I cannot thank you all enough."   -Emily Q.

"My eyes have been opened to the myriad of ways Yoga therapy can be useful to all Beings in day-to-day life.  Great, great program.  A blessing to work with (IYT)." -Carly B.

"My knowledge of Yoga therapy has grown in all directions; very usable information.  This program ROCKS!"   - Adria P.

"Excellent course.  Extraordinarily talented teachers.  So many tools and I feel well equipped to use them."  - Karen P.

"I learned that joy is still possible for me."-Silvia N.

"There was so much learning, so much integration with real life that I consider this training very complete."  - Olga L.

"The mudras and their use to complement and enhance asana and pranayama so enchanced knowledge of Yoga therapy.  Deeper understanding and working intentionally through the koshas.  Yoga nidra!  Thank you."  - Sarah P.

"You all did a good job presenting complex material in an interactive way.  The teachers were all excellent – the program was balanced because of your complementary personalities."  - Nancy M.

"Joseph and Lilian exude a steady presence of pure joy, deep peace, equanimity and flowing creativity that is an inspiration in and of itself.  The experience and memory of your presence is the inspiration I will take home to my practice, giving strength to my dedication to knowing fully my true self.  Thank you."-Emily Q.

"The program provided a deep respect for the complexity of working in the Yoga therapy field.  The work itself provides the strength and tools to step up to the progression and teach." - Barbara B.

"I feel like I have obtain a wonderful new perspective on Yoga practice.  I feel inspired to dissect practices based on their functional impract and use them in a much more focused and methodical way.  I have learned more about the intricacies of pranayama.  I understand the process of Yoga nidra and am excited to begin leading it more - the daily practice was amazing." - Chris B.

"This training deepened my love of the spiritual connection, deepened my knowledge of the Yogic view of health in relation to the allopathic view, and many ways to help specific conditions for my clients and students." - Joy B.

"I got way more than I expected!  I wanted more tools for teaching Yoga, which I certainly got.  To practice therapeutic Yoga myself was a cathartic experience - much needed.  Now I have a pretty good idea of what Integrative Yoga Therapy means and encompasses.  What a wonderful sangha you all are!  Thanks you for the gift of this teaching - what a magnificent expression of love it is!" - Noelle F.

"I feel the understanding of the koshas is much more solid.  With so many fantastic teachers and such a diverse and talented group, I came to have a broader vision of Yoga therapy." - Sue F.

"I feel like I'm just beginning and am so grateful to have found Lilian and Joseph to study with.  My knowledge base has expanded fourfold and through the experience am finding aspects of Yoga that have incredible meaning and resonance for me that I've never known before i.e., mudra, sanskrit, etc." - Debra W.

" Everything was very important but especially the spiritual growth, anatomy, therapy was excellent!  Whenever a doubt, questions were answered in a very satisfactory way.  I absolutely loved it!" - Suzette G.